#1,650 Chimney Tops + Lake J.

After breakfast, we were back on the road headed for Lake Junaluska, but as is our post-Gatlinburg tradition, first we stopped at the Chimney Tops in the national park for swimming and exploring before a picnic lunch. This is always a highlight of our trips, but we’ve not been here in a few years. So many of them had never been here before, the old hands who did it their freshman year of high school were showing them the ropes, how to jump from log to rock for at least a mile upstream. It should be noted that the water there is absolutely frigid, but that didn’t stop these crazy people from jumping in. In the shade.

After lunch, we were back on the twisting mountain road to North Carolina…. And a stop for ice cream, or in my case, Nehi Peach in a glass bottle. My very most favorite drink in the world. Do you have it where you live? If not, I feel sad for you.

And finally, we were here. Lake J! The place our hearts long for when the temperature rises.

Andy Lambert is the speaker this week. He’s basically Lake J royalty, a legend in the preaching world. He’s just the funniest person ever is all.

I’m barely awake. See y’all tomorrow!