#1,655 Movie Night at Mama’s.

After a hard day at work of playing catch up from the week in the mountains, I just wanted to go out to mama’s and tell them all about it. Ben and I picked up dinner from David’s Grocery and took it to my grandmother’s house to see her while we ate. She just kept saying how happy she was that we were finally home. It feels good to be missed, doesn’t it?

We got to mama’s and recapped the week, what happened at work (a custom commission for Southern Weddings’ fall issue coming out in November!), and a problem that’s had me so upset all day with a side of some sage life advice from daddy that he learned from my tough as nails grandfather.

I wish my skin was as thick as daddy’s and my grandfather’s before him, I wish my response to confrontation was as sure and strong, but I got my mama’s genetic disposition to sensitivity and hurt feelings, unfortunately.

I was super excited that she rented The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and declared that we would all leave our phones in the kitchen and settle down in the living room for movie night. So we all did that. Except mama, who texted the tennis girls intermittently, as if we didn’t notice.

The end.