#1,658 Sam Celebration.

Today, my very talented dear old friend, Sam, who was my last boss before I became self-employed, did something really brave that I thought he’d never get the nerve to do. He turned in his resignation and is making a leap of faith toward becoming self-employed or taking the helm of another marketing agency.

We’re just so crazy excited for him. I know he’s going to do amazing things wherever he goes and whatever he does. He was such a gracious boss and that experience taught me what I know about working with others. He never treated us like he was our superior—just like we all worked on the same team and he had the gameplan for us. I hope to be the same kind of boss in my own work.

Speaking of my work—we were celebrating an amazing business month at LL tonight since we had the biggest June ever with more orders than we’ve ever gotten in a summer month. It’s been crazy! Of course, to celebrate means dinner at Tabella, so we called Sam and told him to meet us there to tell us the whole story.

Afterward, Sammy went on to keep celebrating with his family and Ben and I had a date night at the picture show to see Jersey Boys. I ate popcorn, with butter. Because it’s a celebration!

Now I don’t know if I’ll be able to sleep for singing Big Girls Don’t Cry on repeat. Did I ever tell you about the time I couldn’t sleep for Jungle Boogie being stuck in my head? Maddening isn’t the word.