#1,660 Lakeside.

A cool front came through this evening after work, just as we were heading out to my parents’ for dinner. When we pulled up we spotted them out beside the lake and went over to hang out. It was an evening that felt so cool and warm at once, so breezy and perfect, it was like dessert. If a time and place can be a food, it was dessert.

Once the sun sank below the trees we retreated to the porch for dinner—grilled chicken salad with vegetables fresh from daddy’s garden and homemade ranch dressing. A perfect summer supper.

For my actual dessert, we found the most delicious rainier cherries at Winn Dixie. I couldn’t stop eating them. Couldn’t. If you’re in Laurel—go get a bag of them right now. You’ll thank me.

And before bed, we gave the pups a walk over to see Chevy’s girlfriend and Jim and Mal’s dreamy, newly painted porch.

The ceiling is haint blue, the floors a barely gray, the walls and rails all white. Walking past on the street in the darkness and looking up the bank toward their house reminded me of the way you imagine heaven in your mind’s eye—all glowy white and warm light.