#1,661 Small Town America.

Every year on July 3, our town feels like a movie set. Today was exceptional though because July 3 happened to land on a Thursday. There was the farmer’s market (where I get my weekly cranberry pecan granola fix—seriously, I’m struggling with my addicition) at 3:00, a concert in the park afterward, then our community cookout on the front lawn of the church at 6:00. I couldn’t take enough photos tonight to properly convey the way it felt to be there, surrounded by all of our friends and church family and the whole town. It felt like Pancake Day for summertime. I’ll let the pictures tell the story.

And once the sun went down, The Sandlot movie showing was just starting up next door in Pinehurst Park. Just one of my all time favorite childhood movies!

We watched up until the scene where Squints fakes drowning to kiss the girl, then the first big boom crashed in the sky. The city firework show started, the movie paused, and the loudspeakers started playing patriotic marching band songs and Ray Charles’ America the Beautiful and I swear I’ve never felt prouder to live in small town America. The crowd was jubilant, snapping photos and clapping. We snagged the best view in the city around Baker’s morning swimming hole.

And then, with tired feet and a sleepy baby, we walked the block back home with Jim and Mal, past the park and down the avenue.

Tonight our city felt like one big family. It reminded me of church. And if God is love, then He was all over it and in it.

Goodnight, sweet readers!