#1,662 The Great Cleanout + July 4.

We spent the entire day getting everything out of the old shop, grouping by type: car stuff, yard stuff, wood, tools, paint, seasonal, tarps, etc. It took every bit of the day to do this, and clean all the dust and nastiness off of it. Ben got one of the new shop walls insulated and walled up so we can put in shelves tomorrow, hopefully, and get everything organized and in its place.

Which means we’re one big step closer to tearing the little one down. I can’t imagine our yard without it there and I’m so ready to see what it’s going to be like and what design challenges that’s going to present. Are y’all going to help me?!

And we were an hour late, but we finally got over to Jim and Mallorie’s for a front yard dinner with some of our neighborhood and supper club friends:

And tomorrow night, we’ll have one more Independence Day party, this time with my family. I hope yours was full of family and friends and freedom and fun and food and fireworks, too!