#1,667 Eggplant Parmigiana.

So I finally cooked supper for the first time in like… A million years. To be fair, work’s been crazy for us both. It’s just been easier to eat out or go to mama’s. But a couple months ago, Stephanie, one of our totally cool youth parents (who is from New Jersey) gave us the Sopranos Family Cookbook and I pulled it off the shelf and flipped through its pages this morning over breakfast. Today was a little easier at work so I thought, “why not cook?”

I made eggplant parmigiana with homemade sauce and fresh mozarella and romano cheeses, salad with the garlic lemon dressing, and Dawn’s homemade focaccia. And it was really good. Of course, I’m easy to please with Italian food. I like it all.

Josh’s daddy was in critical condition and has been out of commission with broken ribs, and now his mama’s been hospitalized today so we invited them over for a respite from adulthood duties. I’m so glad they could eat with us!

I can never be thankful enough to God for giving us these 4 friends (family, actually) in our young adult years. I know so many people lose touch with their college friends after graduation and it feels good knowing we’re all right here in the same neighborhood, still growing up together. It feels like a Seinfeld or Friends episode when we’re around the dinner table together most nights of the week—our own little world. I hope that never changes.