#1,684 Knee Boarding + Pizza.

Today, after watching Jim do it… I knee boarded.

Tonight, I can’t move my arms. Ben tried it, but couldn’t keep his balance. We made a video, but there’s not much to see.

Hooray for trying new things!

Also, we each ate about 3 pounds of fresh cherries. They’re just so good!!!

After the afternoon on the lake, we met for youth at the Baileys’ house and Mr. Lawrence’s famous brick oven pizza. I’ve never tasted anything like the pizza he makes from homemade dough and homemade sauce. I so wish you could try it.

The best thing of all is when it’s time for dessert… Fresh pizza dough + Nutella + dark chocolate chips + bananas + marshmallows… Fired in the brick oven. It’s the finest thing a person can eat, if you ask me.