#1,684 Pear Day + Dinner at the Tews.

This is what my day was.

1. Our pear tree made SO many pears again this year. I spent the morning picking them and trying my best to give them away. I kept a lot and made a pear pie (for dinner tonight) and a pear cake with caramel icing, that will be a gift to Mrs. Mary Lynn (from church, whom we bought our house from), because her husband planted the pear tree and it never beared fruit while they lived here.

I’d even say that’s her pear tree, so she certainly deserves a cake, right?

2. After taking dinner to the Paces’ house in anticipation of Mrs. Ina starting her first round with chemotherapy next week (please pray for this amazing woman—we all love her dearly), we had dinner at Ross and Laura’s on their party porch. They got a fancy schmancy new water misting system that kept us cool and mosquito-free, and there were fried green tomatoes. Yum.