#1,685 Difficulties.

For those of you who might read this blog and think that “life is always perfect” for me, I need you to know that today was not perfect.

It was hard.
It hurt.
The older we get, and as our little homegrown business is changing and growing, I learn about someone new every day who says something cruel about me or about Ben or the way they perceive us to be, or our jobs. And I go right back to that childhood feeling—of being different, an outcast, unloved by people you want so badly to be your friend, or even thought were your friends. Why is it so hard to accept that you can’t make everyone like you? You sometimes can’t change a person’s heart, and it hurts. You can pray about it, and I think it’s best to pray that you can find a way to love them back anyway. Even if they don’t. Sometimes you won’t know why people just don’t like you. And we have to thank God for those people, for the difficulties that make us try new paths, and learn new ways to love and carry on. Right? It’s not the end of the world, but when you have a tender heart like mine, it can sure feel like it.
I won’t spend any more energy or words on that—I just need you to know. Life is not perfect here. But every day (even the predominantly awful ones) can present their own perfect gifts. 
Like going for a swim in the dog days of summer.
Like the simple kindness of real mail.
And the sage wisdom of friends near and far who make the world feel small, and like your experience is theirs too.