#1,690 Summer Saturday.

It couldn’t have been a more picture perfect Saturday.

We slept late. We woke up.

Ben worked in the yard and tore down most of the old shop!

We even fertilized all the dead patches in the lawn. Fingers crossed it’ll actually work.

I took mammaw lunch (Waverly chicken) and made a grocery run for her.

Then spent the day cleaning while Ben tore buildings down and fixed lawn mower engines and whatnot. I did not plug in my fall smell goods…

But I wanted to. Bad.

And then we rewarded ourselves for a day well spent working hard by playing hard with Jim, Mal and Lucy at Josh and Em’s pool.

Then we had dinner at our house followed by a long walk around the neighborhood set to Dave Matthews Band radio.

And I didn’t just put on fall-scented smell goods at bedtime…………

You are mistaken.