#1,691 Sunday Assortment.

I find it difficult to title my posts.

Like, today. There was an assortment of goodness that would make a ridiculously long title. So. Assortment will do. An alternative title could have been: “#1,691 Life of an 8 Year Old,” as today I colored, went swimming, and ate pizza. Cool.

We started a study on spiritual gifts in our Sunday school class, and the word I chose to illustrate, exhortation, made me think of my dear friend Sara.

And after lunch, we had our annual church family caravan for a swim day in the icy cold spring-fed waters at Lake Waukaway.

Before we left for Waukaway, I grabbed an old tote bag from my closet to stick our towels and sunscreen in—and I rediscovered my ‘dream house’ inspiration file inside that I started in 9th grade and added to throughout high school. I’ve said it before—while some girls were planning their dream weddings, I was planning for this house. Isn’t it crazy how my taste hasn’t changed? White white white and wood. And a Walter Anderson print just like in our kitchen!

And….. For supper we had deep dish pizza shipped frozen from Giordano’s in Chicago, baked up in Laurel. And it tasted like Chicago. Except I haven’t been to Chicago since 11th grade and am not sure that I’m much of an authority on what that tastes like.

But it was GOOD.