#1,709 Humble Beginnings.

Today I discovered several little treasures that all have one thing in common.

My first-ever attempt at graphic design, before Lucky Luxe was a twinkle in my eye (so to speak), an ad for a made-up clothing company, making fun of my grandfathers who so enjoyed being in a perpetual state of “chappedness.” These were tough, annoyed men. Who wore vinyl shoes to work on the chicken farm and Bermuda shorts to wash the Crown Victoria.

I was 12 when I typed up phrases mama and I thought were hilarious and cut and pasted photos out of a JCPenney catalog. She keeps this jewel with the important stuff like wills and deeds. We laughed until we cried over it tonight.

A photo of my grandfather and daddy as a little boy at the beach, that I intend to frame. It’s just so lovely to me.

Clark and I, hanging in the hallway at mama’s. Senior year. Flat top. Baby face. Awkward.

Found the first watercolor demo I ever did when I taught my first art class in 2010.
All humble beginnings. You’ve got to start somewhere.