#1,710 Coats.

Well, the thing is, I’ve always had a coat problem.

I freaking love coats, y’all.


Mal and mama can tell you—I have more coats than sweaters in my closet in the winter, and I usually end up just wearing one of them all winter long (point in case).

The other day when my new boots came in, it got me wanting that duffle coat from L.L.Bean, but I read the reviews and they said the shallow slanted pockets were problematic. Since this coat will be for our Christmas trip to New York, and I intend to not carry a purse if I can help it, good pockets are clutch. So I got on the hunt on pinterest this morning and stumbled upon not 1… But 3 of the best coats ever. And so I’ve ordered them all with the intent to try on and return the ones that don’t make the cut. I really, sincerely hope I have the willpower to do that, at least… Because I spent too much money not to, and y’all assured me that spending good money on one good coat is a good investment. So without further adieu, I offer the 3 best coats (for me) that I’ve seen in 2014.

The Boden Penryn parka with its detachable sherpa lined vest and a patterned lining of drawings of London which I found a 20% off + free shipping coupon for thank you very much:

The Boden Moleskin duffle, a little dressier and fully lined in sherpa, which I also used the 20% off coupon on (I’m going with navy—but look at that cozy lining!):

And I got the very last size 12 ASOS Bonded Check duffle coat even though I wear a size 8 because it’s all that was in stock and it was $87 with free shipping. It probably won’t fit (though ASOS does run really small sometimes) so it’s probably not even a legitimate contender, but isn’t it a pretty coat?!

Also, this Superdry duffle nearly bested the others, but for that price and northern December weather, I’m gonna want a zipper. The ASOS coat got a pass because it was way cheaper.

What do you think? Warm enough? Good enough for night time adventures? Too casual (probably)? I CAN’T WAIT TO WEAR A COAT.

The high was over 100 degrees today. Awesome.

I’m selling a grey tweed coat and the red coat from our honeymoon on eBay to help make up for the above. So, that’s progress.