#1,718 Phenergan + Zofran.

So a couple hours after my post last night, the stomach virus that took down my mama, Mae Mae, and Melinda descended upon Ben and I and left us both with the worst possible scenario for my birthday. He slept upstairs so he would have his own bathroom, while I slept on the floor in our bathroom—just waiting for the next wave of the inevitable.

If you know me at all, you know this is the very thing I dread most in the world of small but awful things.

He’s been planning a surprise day for today for weeks, and instead of that—we spent the entire day sleeping and trying not to throw up. Next thing we knew, Lucy and several of our neighbors were coming down with it, and maybe Walker, too. I feel so bad if we’re the ones responsible.

BUT, there are still some things to be very thankful for today, of course. Though the circumstances weren’t ideal, much like our Valentine’s Day this year, we did spend it together—resting, which is really kind of a luxury, isn’t it?

Landall, our favorite doctor friend, called in the good stuff for us (Phenergan and Zofran) that truly saved the day from total ruin.

And we both got to drink unlimited amounts of Nehi peach (the most wonderful Southern soda in the history of carbonation) and ginger ale without considering the calories.

I found the sweetest birthday happy in my mailbox from Sara, surely my most thoughtful friend, who gave me a Giving Key necklace that will be a great encouragement to me until I find the right person to hand it off to.

And Aunt Phyllis and Jim who brought supplies right to our front door since we were both too weak to leave home and help ourselves.

What would we do without family?