#1,719 Rice + Lysol + Martha.

My appetite was back when I woke up this morning, while Ben’s was a little more sluggish. He got about ten times sicker than I did, so that’s expected—but oddly, what we both were craving by 10:00 am this morning was rice with cheese sauce from Mi Casita. So while he took a long shower then managed to put on gym shorts and Birkenstocks (what year is it?) to drive over and pick up our order, I was getting my legs back, sipping Nehi and disinfecting every touchable surface in our house and putting all of our laundry and bed linens through the ‘whitest whites’ cycle.

And before long, we were beginning to feel like real humans again.

This afternoon, with too much television time and not enough interaction with the outside world, we were feeling crazy and decided to go to the store in hopes that we might find Martha Stewart on shelves a day early. Lo and behold…

(Look! I spy just a sliver of my business card peeking out on this page, too… “Thanks, y’all!”)

And suddenly, I felt a lot better about missing my birthday because of the rotovirus. So I guess the cat’s finally out of the bag… We designed a custom invitation suite with an art nouveau theme for the magazine back in October. It’s called Bernhardt.

And I’m really excited about it.


What do we do now?!