#1,748 Photo Boards + Roses.

Last night, Ben, mama and I glued some pretty fabrics to foam core boards for Lucky Luxe invitation staging photo backgrounds. In that past I’ve managed by just spreading it out and ironing on a table top, like so:

And with linen, it’s virtually impossible to make it perfectly smooth.

This afternoon we got the fabric wrapped and secured around the backs of the boards and made a space to store them in the pantry at the loft. It’s just perfect.

I’m dying to photograph something on that peach silk!

In other news, I walked into the mall movie theatre just to get some popcorn. Don’t worry, they gave me extra butter.

And later, Mallorie and I went to Roses because someone gave me the tip that they had lots of old school flannel shirts for men.

My lumberjack has lifted a lot of weights since last October so I went in hopes of finding a new one that would fit his shoulders. Maybe by next year’s festival he’ll be sponsored by L.L. Bean, but for now—the Roses $10 rack is a good place to start. And much to my surprise… We found so many good things for Ben and Jim. Besides really good looking, heavyweight flannel button downs (for $5), they had men’s Gap jeans ($10), Carhartt looking canvas pants by Wrangler, and my favorite—canvas flannel-lined shirt-jackets that look just like J.Crew quality by this brand called Big Rock Canyon with a mid-century style label that made my design heart flutter ($10):

Anyway, what I’m saying is, if you have a Roses in your town—go get the man in your life some cool stuff for (basically) free. You might also find yourself a silicone spatula for $1.