#1,775 Mama’s Phone.

Today, my mama saved the day.

We were in Walmart buying groceries last night when Ben turned away from the buggy with his new iPhone sitting in the top rack for just a moment, and someone decided they needed it more than him. We spent the morning filing a police report so they can search the phone recycling bins in town and hopefully get it back to him, but in the interim he has to have something to work with. We went to the cell store and their cheapest option was a $60 flip phone. $60 for a couple weeks of use didn’t seem like a great bargain, and then we realized… Mama got a new phone recently and kept her old iPhone. It’s been Walker’s chew toy for a few months, but it still works thank goodness.

Free is very good when you’ve just lost all your contacts and calendar.

In good news—it was such a busy day at work! 3 new orders and a really sweet shout out from our PR firm on instagram smoothed right over the iPhone fiasco.