#1,776 Mammaw’s House + Etc.

This afternoon Ben started the task of closing down the pumpkin patch for the last time ever. He loaded up the handful of pumpkins that were left and the hay bales and we took it all out to my parents.

Afterward we stopped by Mammaw’s to see her for a little while. We sat on her back porch, where you can always find her when the weather is nice. My whole life, she’s been there in that chair in the afternoons. Watching the road for any passing cars (which she swears they never do). I took a few photos today of Mammaw’s house. This is the way it’s always been, and the way it will always be in my mind’s eye years from now when I can no longer spend a lazy afternoon on her back porch. I’m so glad I captured it, that feeling, in a few photos.

And then, we went back into town where I spent most of my afternoon working on Walker’s first birthday party invitations. It began with sketches and lettering. And his silhouette, which makes me wish I could kiss his chubby, sweet cheeks.

I’m really very proud of the finished product, but I’ll save it until after his party. It’s easy to design for the people I love.

And when I left the studio around 6:00, I went across the street to the work shop to help Ben finish up the 8 foot long wood, cork and linen bulletin board he’s been building for the stairwell at the shop.

I’m planning to tack my favorite invitations from the collection to it along with all kinds of inspiration. I hope it looks as cool as I’m imagining it. Only 6 more days until the film crew arrives—and there is still so much to do. I’m praying this forecast changes its mind: