#1,777 The End/The Beginning.

Tonight was Ben’s last time to ever lead as a youth minister.

Byron got up and told everyone about his all-time favorite Ben moments, which prompted everyone else to do it too:

And Ben talked to them about following God’s calling for your life, and then he gave them all a letter. He wrote it earlier this week and it destroyed me.

And the main thing the letter said was for them to love. That’s God’s calling for every single one of us—to love the people he puts along the way in our life.

And I’m so glad I married this man.

And even while I’m mourning that season of our life ending, I’m so glad that this bittersweet ending is also a brand new beginning. Lisa keeps telling me, “who knows what surprises will happen from here?” There’s no way we can possibly imagine what plans God has for us, for our family business, for all the other completely crazy opportunities that can appear out of nowhere, without our pursuit or planning. And like our friend Grant told us tonight—“the supernatural never feels natural.” And that’s exactly where we are—following God’s lead, straight into the unknown. And I’m terrified and excited and in love with life and in love with the One who orchestrates it all.

Good night, sweet readers!