#1,782 Canadian Company.


All the work we’ve put into getting things fluffed up and tidied at all of our regular hangouts has been tiresome, but it’s really been a lot of fun too. I was never stressed, it just felt like we need a few more hours each day so I was rationing every minute and making choices — write a letter? Or organize the shipping desk? Today was the last day of preparing, and I spent the morning at the studio getting all of our Christmas orders wrapped and shipped, then finishing up at the house getting our menu ready for dinner with the film crew.

They rolled in around 7 and felt like old friends right away.

Mama, Mal, Emily, Jim and I all pitched in to make dinner: gumbo, smoked chicken with homemade white BBQ sauce, jambalaya, cornbread, biscuits, green salad with 2 homemade dressings, apple pie, and Aunt Phyllis’s famous banana pudding.



I don’t think I’ll ever be hungry again.

I can’t wait to get started! Stay tuned tomorrow and Wednesday if you want to see behind the scenes of making a pitch video. Regardless of what happens, this has been a crazy fun ride. Here’s hoping we don’t sound like the Clampetts on film.