#1,788 Shop Dog + Last Supper?

After lunch today, Ben took the dogs down to the workshop to carry on with the desk.

We quickly learned that taking Baker inside is something akin to bringing a wild jungle cat indoors. He was restless, listless, sniffing, plundering, knocking things over, whining. He won’t ever listen to commands when he gets like that, so I walked him back home.

But Chevy.

Chevy is our good dog. The best dog. He laid quietly a few feet away from Ben all afternoon long, watching his every move. I love this old hound.

Tonight we cooked what just might be Emily and Josh’s last dinner party as non-parents. She’s so dang pregnant and her doctor said she could have a baby at any moment. So we did a pre-emptive strike by having grilled pork tenderloin with a mushroom and apple au jus, roasted butternut squash with onions (that tasted exactly like Stockbridge),  salad, garlic bread, and pumpkin pie.

Have I ever told y’all how thankful I am for our circle of friends? Without them, our life would be hollow and dull. I can’t believe that soon (this week?!) we’ll no longer be 7, but 8!