#1,789 Mom & Pop Monday.

Mondays are always the hardest at the shop with all the weekend emails, approvals, inquiries and orders to take care of, and it was also Ben’s very first Monday as a full-timer at Lucky Luxe. I don’t think he’s ever fully understood how focused I’ve had to be to get everything done, and today I kind of threw him in the cold swimming pool and taught him how to do a ton of new things and let him figure out a lot of it on his own. We left way after the sun went down, and we talked about how even the busiest, most stressful work day at Lucky Luxe is better than the easiest day at most jobs because we got to share it, and we’re doing work that we love. I wouldn’t say that he loves the world of wedding paper per se, but it matters to him that we’re building something that’s special together. The way he sees it, what we make is not the point. I’m sure he would enjoy it if our business was restoring cars or selling antique toy tractors, but what matters to him is that our family business is something real and lasting. That’s the American dream, isn’t it?

I’m so thankful for this man of mine who is a helpmate 24 hours a day.

And it doesn’t hurt that he looks so cute in his plaid flannel coat.

A few hours of work yesterday rendered one drawer completion. 2 more to go! And trim. And stain. It’s looking good!