#1,798 The Best Regularest Wednesday.

Tonight was our very first time to go to church as just plain church members since 2005. It was revolutionary. Like, we were looking forward to it all day long. For one thing, it was the Thanksgiving meal tonight which was unbelievably good:

Roasted turkey (that had a really good roasted crispiness around the edges), dressing with cranberry sauce, sweet potato casserole, lima beans, corn salad, yeast rolls, and pecan pie. I totally overdid it. So did Ben. Heart health went out the window tonight.

But better than all that was just coming to church and being there simply because we wanted to, without any obligation to do it. We sat and had dinner with Ross and Laura, we bought a dessert for Josh and Em during the choir’s annual Thanksgiving dessert auction, Paul from our small group brought us all a little jar of homemade cajun seasoning he’s been making for friends and family, and afterward we went home—without waiting on parents to pick up their students, without locking the doors, without turning out the last light. It’s been so long since we could have our cups filled instead of doing the pouring.

Well, Ben did get up on stage to auction off the desserts.

Old habits die hard.

If you live around here and are free at lunch, I’d love to see you today at Lauren Rogers Museum of Art!