#1,800 Friday La Fleur.

I don’t know why it never occurs to us to go to Cafe La Fleur for their only open night of the week—every Friday, but tonight as we were leaving work (late), I noticed all the cars and realized it was actually Friday. And tomorrow is our 6th wedding anniversary! So we walked across the street and got a table and soon Mal, Jim and Lucy joined us and we had ourselves a surf and turf dinner date a couple blocks from home.

Later we all checked in on Josh, Em and Samuel to see how their day went. He’s already a week and 2 days old! Thankfully, they’re slowly finding their footing and getting a tiny bit more sleep each day. We’re missing them at supper every night, but hopefully soon they’ll feel ready to hit the town with us again. Soon, Lucy started fussing and we got a hankering for s’mores so they went to put her to bed while we made a grocery store run and found that the mural I designed for the library recently (because Laurel Main Street helped secure a grant to have it painted) is in the works. It was such a fun surprise to run up on it! I’d forgotten how big it would be. I mean. It’s really gonna be enormous. People have struggled for years to find the library because there wasn’t any clearly visible signage. Well. There you go.
I can’t wait to show you the other half of the wall when it’s finished in a few weeks!

Then it was dessert time over the fireplace in Mal’s kitchen.

Which is, I think, my favorite way to make a s’more, with access to fancy peanut butters and a fridge full of Coca-Cola.