#1,803 Table Progress + Sweet Daddy’s.

In an effort to get it finished enough to make the trip to Tupelo where we can do the finishing touches, Ben really got AFTER it on building the dinner table today. He spent 4 hours sanding it while Josh sanded the old bed frame legs that will now be table legs:

After work we went over to get a little beadboard to trim out the the table from a condemned house that Dr. Wallace is having torn down. He’s always so incredibly gracious to us, with the filming stuff, letting us tour all of his restorations, letting Ben have wood when he needs it.

I can’t wait to show you the finished table! Tomorrow or Wednesday, I think!

In other news, I had a lot of fun working on branding for our sweet friends Hope and Grant today:

And they paid me in caramel and white cheddar popcorn this evening, which might as well have been solid gold. Delicious.

This song. It’s my jam tonight.