#1,802 Leaves.

It was a mostly uneventful day, spent at church, then having lunch with mama and daddy, napping, working on the dinner table, visiting with Josh, Em and Samuel. You know our routines as well as I do, probably, if you’ve been here more than a few times. But the thing that was remarkable about today, that stopped me in my tracks, were the trees. With pines being so overwhelmingly dominant around south Mississippi, the fiery red and gold hardwoods in our neighborhood might as well be emergency flares. You can’t miss them. And I wouldn’t want to. I’m so in love with the way they illuminated our rainy (unseasonably warm) day.

I spoke on this in both services at church this morning, and I was so nervous, and then I wasn’t. I think I kind of enjoy public speaking, much as it wrecks my nerves.