#1,813 The Tree Lighting.

Tonight was the annual tree lighting, and as it does every couple years… It was so warm out, it was weird. And a little sweaty. Otherwise, it was business as usual with Big Ben giving the opening remarks and prayer, the incredible Laurel High School choir singing Carol of the Bells, then festivities happening all over downtown.

This year’s is the tallest tree the city has ever had, but the trunk is a little crooked. Which, to me, means the tree looks a little like the Grinch’s face. Do you see it?

The Laurel Ballet Academy performed on the downtown stage for a huge crowd.

And the way the lights and the leaves and the moon made the city look almost made me forget that it felt like late spring.

This year there was no youth group movie night fundraiser to crank up afterward, which was a little disjointed feeling after so many years in youth ministry, though I feel like we’re getting used to this new way of life and I’m able to absorb new blessings that happen every day in ways we couldn’t before. It’s so lovely to simply participate rather than lead once in a while, and I’m relishing having our cups filled in this new season of our life.