#1,830 Wrap It Up.

It was Christmas Sunday at church, which means a full house and lots and lots of hugs. Services like this one make me particularly thankful to live in a small town.

And now, enjoy an awkward photo of us and the church Chrismon tree:

In other news, I’ve been putting off gift wrapping our families’ presents for a couple weeks now. And I really don’t know why—I just am terrible at gift wrapping and it feels like a chore similar to folding laundry. Necessary… But it’s just gonna get unfolded and dirty again. But after a short nap this afternoon we went over to the shop and got everything all wrapped up in record time. It wasn’t bad at all with Big helping me (read: doing most of it)—he’s actually quite good at wrapping presents, thankfully.

And now, it feels like Christmas is very soon!

HUGE shout out to Ross who thought of a brilliant solution to a tricky printing situation we’ve been dealing with at the shop. Youmaboy, Blue!