#1,831 Christmas Cards + Tabella.

I think this year lots more people in our circle sent out Christmas cards than in the past because I swear I don’t remember ever struggling to find a spot to display each one. It makes my heart feel warm and fuzzy to see an old fashioned letter in the box then to pull out Christmas wishes from friends near and far. It bridges long distances (geographical and schedule-inflicted) and makes it feel like we’re all close to one another, sharing life. If that makes sense.

After work we decided to brave the Hattiesburg crowds for a quick trip to the mall and, of course, Tabella!

Mal ran into Old Navy for some Lucy clothes, where Lucy found “Miiiiiiiii!” Lots of them.

Then a quick stop in the bookstore for some reference materials.

And now, I will take a long bath in hopes of combatting this weird sinus thing I’ve had going on for about 10 days straight now. Have y’all got it too? A Christmas cold, I reckon.