#1,842 Date Night for Old People.

We had every intention of going to a nice restaurant and then making it to a movie tonight.

But we left work a little too late.

And all the fancy restaurants were packed with a 45 minute wait.

So we had burgers at Mugshots.

And we went to the mall so Jim could downgrade his phone from the iPhone 6+ to the iPhone 4S. You heard me right. The 6+ was too big for his pockets, and too big to type one handed. It was too much technology for him.

And I got about 5 handfuls of my favorite candy from the coin machine.

And Ben and Jim spent $1 on a 3 minute electric chair massage that was, in their opinion, a great value.

Also, I bought a $70 dress for $13.

And that’s how you go on a date when you are old and frugal.

The end.

Does anyone know what you might do if you shut the door, walked away from, and locked a car, then somehow lost that one and only (expensive computerized and programmed) clicker key to said car? I didn’t do that or anything, I’m asking for a friend.