#1,841 Health, Wealth & Luck.

Is it the tradition everywhere or only in the south to eat black eyed peas (health), cabbage (wealth) and pork (luck) on January 1? Every year my mama cooks this superstitious New Year’s day lunch, but in recent years we’ve usually been out of town on a youth retreat and didn’t get to join them. She’s pretty serious about this tradition, and every time I get heckled because I apparently like neither health nor wealth, but I always get a helping of the pork and mac and cheese (no traditional value—a shame). Today’s lunch didn’t disappoint. She can cook just like a little grandma.

It was cold and so very dreary out today, so I just couldn’t wake up and get in gear. After lunch, we drove back into town (along the way we passed this sign that made me smile):

And we settled in for a long winter’s nap. Then we cleaned house and did laundry. I hardly ever remember that January 1 counts as a holiday, but when it arrives I’m always so thankful. It might be the only holiday of the year when I consistently get some really good rest and recharge before kicking off a new work year.

I’m excited to get to the studio tomorrow and start working through our ideas for new systems to make ordering and production a snap. Let’s do this!