#1,850 Supper Club in Louin.

So Lydia and Gavin are in our Sunday school class, and they never miss anything at church. They’ve never been able to make it to our group’s supper club though, because they already make the 40 mile drive to Laurel twice a week just to come to church and coming to a weeknight dinner party with 2 kids doesn’t fit the bill for them. So tonight, they graciously hosted us all at their house way out in Louin, and we had a ball. We loaded up in the church bus to make the trip, which made us all feel like teenagers.

In other news, I am exhausted, friends.

And at Lisa and Lindsey’s interesting suggestion, I wonder… If a site called Lucky Luxe At Home existed, and it sold stuff Ben and I like, stuff we’ve bought for our house, stuff made in Laurel (that dang skillet!) would you want to shop there?

Just dreaming big these days. As Clint has been telling us, “Do it till it don’t!”