#1,851 Leaving It + More Skyping.

Tonight we went to the Episcopal church to light candles and pray with our friends about all these big changes that are happening in our circle right now. Ben and I have been doing this since last summer, not every night, but anytime life feels too big or too hard or too much, it’s the only thing we can do to feel okay again. It was really lovely to have our closest friends who are on this journey with us come along to each light a candle, find a kneeling rail and spend some time alone in prayer. It was a huge relief for each of us to leave it there.

After Downton we had another marathon Skype with Clint and Kelly, and it’s so easy to see us becoming close friends. It felt like we were just hanging out in person at their beautiful home with such great people. Did you watch their episode on Fixer Upper season 1? It was easily the most impressive renovation on the show.

In other (CRAZY EXCITING) news, Lucky Luxe Dry Goods… Is totally happening. WHAT?! Also—do any of you resourceful people know of a company that could create a custom candle fragrance and wholesale?? I’ve got some ideas.