#1,852 Long Hours + Long Walk.

We were up bright and early and at the shop for a meeting with our website people to talk about some big changes coming up, then we had meetings all through the morning and afternoon so that it was 3:30 before the regular Lucky Luxe work was getting underway. By 6:30, I was starting my last project:

And by 7:30 we were just too hungry to sit there at work one more minute.

Jim pulled up downstairs and honked his horn, so we went down and joined him for dinner since Mallorie was having a girls’ night with her mama at their house.

Afterward, we went to the track where Ben and I have spent so many late nights working through every thought in our heads, walking and talking and running and (mostly) walking. This time Jim joined us.

It felt like 5 minutes had passed when we realized we had walked 3 miles and it was midnight, so we went on back home.

I don’t know why I can think better when I’m walking, or why I only feel like walking late at night, but it really is one of my favorite pleasures in life when I have the time to do it. Do you have any weird routines (like me)?

Thanks to Lauren, we found the perfect partner to create our custom Lucky Luxe candles. DPM fragrance is just a couple hours north in Starkville, Mississippi and they’re responsible for creating (by hand, locally) every one of those amazing Capri Blue candles you’ve seen at Anthropologie. They sent over their video about the company this afternoon that (no joke) actually made me cry. You’ll see why: