#1,882 The End is Near + Gilmore Girls.

Well, the end of the Lucky Luxe makeover is near. Nothing dramatic. Today every last speck of plaster dust was cleaned up, the last swipe of stain went on the wainscoting, and tomorrow we will put on the varnish in between proofs and emails. It’s a slow go when you’re renovating in 15 minutes bursts during business hours. The paint goes on Friday and then we will be ready to show you by next week! Ahhhhh! I mean, I know you’re not exactly on the edge of your seat to see it. But man, I am.
Also, I’m finally participating in the rite of passage after every other female person in the world by jumping on board with Gilmore Girls on Netflix. 
We’re still on season 1 (yes, Ben likes it) and the acting is so corny I cringe most of the time, but I can’t stop. I miss Rory and Lorelai during the day and can’t wait to get back to Stars Hollow and its never ending autumn before bedtime every night. Have you watched Gilmore Girls too?