#1,886 Tintyping.

Late last night, our friend Michael rolled in to town to stay the night with us since he had a scheduled tintype session with the band Oh, Jeremiah at our studio this morning.

After church, Daddy stopped by for a portrait since he was out of town when Michael was here for Loblolly, and it was haunting how much he resembles my grandfather.

And also how our fractional Creek Indian ancestry somehow came through so strongly in my very fair-skinned father’s face. Isn’t that wild?

And then we tried shooting some portraits without a backdrop or lights—just natural light and the room for a background. It was experimental with the lighting for the most part, and none of them really turned out the way we were hoping because it was too dark or too light or the chemicals were a little wonky, but now we know what to do the next time he comes down to shoot.

Something about shooting tintypes makes everyone deadly serious when the camera comes out, but there was a lot of laughing happening that you can’t see here. It was a perfectly fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon.