#1,887 Flea Market Finds.

Well, as Mammaw would say… I’ve taken a cold. I guess a germy grocery buggy somewhere got me, and tonight I’m feeling so sniffly I’m in a constant state of “about to sneeze” face. The cold medicine has got me ready for sleep, so I’ll be kind of brief tonight.

After we got all our work done this morning, we went up to Meridian to check out the big flea markets there in search of some finishing touches for the office.

And we struck gold! We found 2 oil painting portraits and 1 charcoal portrait that felt just right to me, and got them for a great price. We had an earlybird dinner at Wiedmann’s then came on back home to finish the last coat of varnish on the wainscoting in my room so we could hang my new finds and see it all somewhat put together. I’m in love! The old look felt very much like me at 20 instead of me at 29, and now I feel right at home.

This WWI era sailor looked friendly and very dapper. The ladies at the antique mall called him Joe, but I will call him Ralph, after my mama’s handsome daddy who was a sailor in WWII.

So the glamorous lady across the room from him has to be named after my grandmother Jack, right?

I wish I had a painting of my grandmother, but this will have to do. She looked like a movie star in her youth. I’m her namesake (my middle name is Jacqueline) and I always thought it so adorable that though she was Jacqueline, to everyone who knew her well, she was Jack. Can I just start being Jack?

In the daylight it’s such a bright, glowy room. I’m LOVING the decision to paint the walls white. Good call, y’all!

Ben found a good looking buddy for his office, too: