#1,892 Ole Smoky Slow Ahead Chili Tent Revival.

It’s the best Saturday on the Laurel Main Street winter calendar again… This year our small group from church had a team (Ole Smoky Tent Revival) and daddy, Clark, uncle Dale and Dayne had a team (Slow Ahead—it’s a Jaws thing—Clark and Daddy are lifelong fans and completely obsessed), and their tents happened to be side by side which made for a really really fun day, even with 50 mph winds. Which reminded me of Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day, my favorite cartoon when I was little.

Walker came!

Uncle Dale, who is not my uncle, but my dad’s oldest friend:

 The Lucky Luxe website exists and functions beautifully because of these amazing people:

Daddy between 6’6″ Ben and Dayne was funny to me. Daddy didn’t think it was as funny.

Unfortunately, neither of my teams won. Jim and his business buddies team didn’t either, so it was a total bust on the trophy front for our bunch, but this year’s cookoff was double the size of last year’s and it’s safe to think it could surpass Loblolly as our most popular event in a few more years. 

After we had loaded all the tents and tables into the back of Ben’s truck, we hung around propped up on it with Ross, Paul, Stevens and Robby talking about all the changes that are happening around this town. It feels kind of like a miracle for those of us who’ve seen how special Laurel is all along. It’s an exciting time to be here. I wish all of you could’ve been here, too.
Supper at home wasn’t too bad either.