#1,894 The Marrying Type.

Well today we finally released the the collaboration we’ve been working on with Old Try:

The Marrying Type. A 100% cotton letterpress marriage certificate you can customize right on our site. I spent about 6 hours working through bugs in the order system as our website was blowing up with visitors atop the other work that needed to be done… Which put us getting home at 10:30 tonight. I know we’re in a season that won’t always be this way, pushing so hard to get things streamlined and automated as our company is growing, but man… I can’t wait until we make it to the other side and can resume regular life. I know you’re growing tired of work posts, though it’s where we’re spending 12 hours of our day so it’s hard to work around lately. Hang in there, okay? It’s going to get much better in a few months!