#1,906 Sunny Saturday.

We woke up and had breakfast at Jim and Mal’s. Those dang 7-Up biscuits are about the finest thing a person can have at 8:30 am.

And then I spent the day being as productive as I could be. I cleaned out the fridge and scrubbed the shelves, which I think is a major achievement since this is one of those things constantly on the list of “things I need to do… one day.” It’s a pretty sad sight, but at least it’s clean. Can you tell I haven’t been cooking lately?

Then I spent lunch with Mammaw, Clark and Walker. I don’t know if you’ve ever taken a baby into a nursing home—but they totally steal the show. Older folks LOVE babies, people. THEY LOVE THEM. He ran straight into her lap when we got there and gave her a kiss square on the mouth. Of course, I didn’t capture that moment, I got this blurry blinky one instead:

And then I went home and planted some spring flowers in my porch pots that should withstand the rest of the cold weather this season and still look good in April and May. I hope. I’m so sad my favorite terra cotta pot with cracked white paint is finally crumbling. You were a good pot, girl… But I’m not ready to say goodbye.

I hope your Saturday was full of sunshine, too.