#1,917 Sunshine and Showers.

After an entire week of rain, it was so fine to spend a sunny day in the studio. Lately we’ve been managing the 100 year old roof of the building with its weird leaks when the wind blows just right. But not today.

And then the clouds started to gather this evening, and after church we rushed over to Gardiner Park to try and run a little before the rain started. The wind started to whip and the copper vents on the roof of the art museum made their creepy creaking and turning, and the thunder was rolling and lightning struck, and before we knew it we were running as hard as we could in the downpour down our street, past the bed and breakfast, and through the yard to get to the front porch before our phones got waterlogged. I don’t know that I’ve ever been caught in the rain that moment between sprinkles and storm and it was kind of exhilarating.