#1,918 Gifts.

This is a list of all the gifts today gave us.
Like capturing the sweet toddler train from the Presbyterian daycare taking their morning walk:

Like the incredible handmade Field Notes wallet and keyfob that Chad gave to Ben. He’s starting a new company making these beautiful leather goods:

The aquamarine and gold birthstone ring my grandfather gave Mammaw on their 2nd anniversary in 1949, that Mammaw has now given to me. Today I picked it up at the jeweler who shined it up and fixed the loose setting. I nearly cried when he handed it to me and I slipped it on my finger. I can’t stand to take it off, even to sleep, because it’s like having them both with me. A tiny hug from the two of them. Pappaw couldn’t have chosen a prettier ring.

The weather is right. It was time to switch from my 2000 Beetle to my 1971 Beetle. We drove on country roads to see mama and daddy.

And I thought to myself today that life is very, very good. Our Father gave us a beautiful gift in springtime, didn’t he?