#1,952 CC Cream + Getting Stuff Done.

Why didn’t one of you tell me about CC Cream? Namely, Clinique’s Moisture Surge CC Cream?! A couple days ago my friend Lindsey told me how wonderful it was so I dropped by the mall and picked some up and lo and behold… This is what it did for my face 30 minutes after I woke up.

I know, my eyes are nonexistent without mascara, but I felt good about my skin after trying it. And I never feel very good about my skin. Anyway, I recommend it.

We got some stuff done around the house today, thankfully. We’ve been making such slow progress in the backyard this feels pretty big to be nearly finished with the picket fence:

And my mama sewed replacement panels for the antique deck chairs that Ben bought for me last Valentine’s Day. The old dry-rotted fabric just wasn’t made for heavy dudes flopping down to sit and they both shredded in recent months. Today, Ben attached them to the wooden frames and I love them so much!


And lastly, we picked up some prototype t-shirts for our new online stores opening this fall. Exciting!


And now, a pretty picture of the flowers growing on our neighbor’s alley fence: