#1,955 Big Progress + Laura’s Birthday.

Well we figured out the best way to move a set of concrete stairs that weighs a million pounds.
Call 5 college boys + Jim and Josh.

And after 6 years in business we figured out how to get a big discount on our UPS shipping rates. You call them and ask and they send a super nice guy named Joel to get you all set up and he blushes when you tell him you’re going to take his picture for your blog about the best thing that happens every day.
And we figured out how to fix the dead grass on the left side of the yard. You call Hunter again and beg him to squeeze you into his schedule and bring a palette of sod with him.
And then you go to a really great restaurant called Patio 44 to surprise your friend Laura on her 26th birthday.

And she drops it like it’s hot with Lucy.

The end.