#1,974 Homegrown.

We spent the afternoon and evening poolside at Josh and Emily’s with some of the best people in the world today, and I can’t remember the last time I felt so at peace and satisfied. There’s a lot to be said for having a group of friends you can be 100% yourself with, to feel the summer sun and smell the gardenias blooming, to sing and laugh and eat way too much pizza with. I’m learning as I get older that you never have to let go of some things from adolescence. Being responsible functioning adults and having kids doesn’t stop our crew from being together every day and being silly, rain or shine, for no special reason and without making a plan and I hope that never ever changes. I can’t imagine how boring life would be without them.


The soundtrack to our Coppertone scented summer is Zac Brown Band thanks to that concert a few weeks ago that I’m still not over. Particularly Homegrown that feels so close to my heart and this exact season of our lives, so full of revelry and verve it makes me feel alive and like I could cry happy tears. That’s a lot for one song, right? But these words are so true, it aches and soothes all at once.

Come on and stay a while if you don’t believe me
Why would I ever leave? Cause I know,
I’ve got some good friends that live down the street
Got a good looking woman with her arms around me
Here in a small town, where it feels like home
I’ve got everything I need
And nothing that I don’t