#1,976 Chief Stewart.

This morning, this popped up at the top of my newsfeed.

That’s Chief Stewart, the Chief of Police in our little town. He’s beloved around here, to say the very least. In light of all the scary things in the news surrounding police brutality and the murder of the Hattiesburg police officers just 30 minutes from our front porch, Chief Stewart and his officers (I’m looking at you Kim Stewart, Jim Thornhill and Kenny Rogers!) have been on my heart and my worried mind. I wish every city could have their own Tyrone Stewart, the kind of police chief who rallies his officers to do the right thing, to be proactive, who gives out his personal cell phone number to everyone in the neighborhood and begs us all to call him if we ever feel afraid or unsafe or if we just need anything he might can help us with. His huge heart and dilligence to protect all of our families in this town is the reason people love our police and I’ve been praying that God keeps his hands on each officer on duty each night for all of us.

If you see a police officer today, give them a hug. They could probably use it and they definitely deserve it.