#1,978 Rudy Burger + City Beautiful.

A few weeks ago I designed a new mural for the wall facing our train station in downtown and today Will started painting and it made me so excited I actually squealed. I appreciate so much that he understands exactly what I mean when I tell him I want it to look like it’s been there since the 1950s, and he knows just what to do. I’ve got a Pinterest board of ghost signs that inspired the design and I would be so honored if someday soon someone snaps a photo of this wall and adds it to their own ‘ghost sign’ inspiration folder thinking it’s an oldie.

It’ll be finished by next week! I’m excited to show you the finished message!

For lunch we hit the brand new food truck in town for burgers and it didn’t disappoint. So so good! It can’t replace PDI for us, but it’s definitely going into the regular rotation.