#1,981 Sunday Funday.

Everyone says “Sunday Funday” and I don’t know if I’ve ever had a blog post by that title, but today it feels genuinely appropriate because Sauce (our senior designer at Lucky Luxe) and Ross stopped by on their way to visit their family in New Orleans from Texas. She works remotely, so we rarely get to see other in person and the few hours we spent together today were silly and lovely.

And after we said our goodbyes and saw them off, we went to Ross and Laura’s for a backyard cookout with Jim, Mal, Josh, Em, Erin, Ryan, Mary Beth, Tyler, Ben and Lauren. There was football tossing and burger eating:

Then there was a living room hangout while Lucy watched Tarzan happily.

Also, we ate homemade crack cocaine toffee by Jones Toffee Co. #healthnuts