#1,980 Salvage Shoppin.

Today we took a little shopping trip to Jackson and made a few stops at our favorite salvage and home shops. First stop, The Outlet (you can shop some of their collection here at At West End), mine and Mallorie’s favorite for one-of-a-kind home furnishings and whatnots. Mal decided she’s going to buy this gorgeous armoire with a beautiful green glass handle for their living room:

And I finally just bit the bullet and bought this early-American inspired piece for our dining room because I saw it a month ago on our last visit and never got it out of my head. I got it on sale today, so it was meant to be!

It looks pretty sad with that big lamp and no dressings, but just wait! I’ve got a picture light on the way for Champ (daddy’s old quail hunting pup who passed in the 1970s).

We also dropped into Old House Depot and The Storied Salvage Co. and got lost in the wonder of lead paint and broken glass for a few hours. Dreamy.